"After reading a sample of 'Cooper's Town and other Short Stories' by Ronnie L. Seals I obtained a copy of 'Down Every Dark Valley.' This was a very emotion filled and suspenseful book of Civil War days. I "lived" during these days as I read. I couldn't do my chores until the book was finished. I recommend this read to any generation and can't wait to read the next book."

Bridget Day. Claiborne County, Tenn.

"It took me back to my Kentucky roots. I was amazed by the depth of description of the landscape of Ky. and Tenn."

Jean Johnson

"I loved reading the book. Great characters, can't wait to read the next."

Anna Canady

"This book was great. I couldn't put it down and read it in one afternoon. This book appeals to both men and women, which is rare in a Civil War novel."

Joan Emerick

"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book."

Marisa Maes

"Good writing-I liked the geographical and historical details. Also the development of the characters"

Judy Nichsich

"A wonderful novel. I couldn't put it down."

Vicki Armstrong